About TechnoBook

About Technobook Team

TechnoBook is the center of the latest engineering e-books. TechnoBook has started its own mission in 2016 by offering computer science and computer engineering e-books with the goal of supporting experts by giving them access to the latest resources, and supporting the environment by preventing the need for cutting trees to make paper. This website is the most up-to-date and the most comprehensive online bookstore for specialized books on the web and provides complete information about offered e-books on the website.

In 2017 and after Paris Agreement, we decided to expand our working area from computer science and computer engineering to all the engineering disciplines to provide specialized engineering e-books distinguished by the trends of these disciplines in an identifiable structure and affordable price, for dear scientists, specialists, and college students. We hope to take a small but valuable step toward confronting environmental changes by providing these services to specialists like you. Also, we hope to help further development of planet earth by providing specialized references. TechnoBook has provided and identified these resources (from all engineering disciplines) with the help of our specialized team. In our path, we appreciate your help as an expert, no matter where you live, to enrich our resources and to fix possible defects (we don’t consider ourselves flawless).

Online Ebook Shopping at Discounted and Affordable Prices

Consequences of USA government economic war against the world led us to complete and to improve our provided specialized resources with all our strength. We provide e-books with affordable prices to all of dear specialists and scientists and college students. To get closer to our goal, specialists who can’t afford even our cheap prices,  are under TechnoBook support to advance their career and expertise by contacting discount@technobook.net. In addition, there are considerable amounts of free e-books in Technobook.

Supporting Special Groups

TechnoBook has offered 90 to 100% off on its e-books for special groups like credible scientists, specialists working at valid international companies and top college students sending copies of corresponding documents to special@technobook.net.

E-books Will Be Always Available for You

When you get an e-book from TechnoBook with your account, that e-book will be forever available on your personal library and won’t be removed from your personal archive. Please remind that to read your e-books easily while you are offline, first, you have to download your e-books online and then read them offline.

TechnoBook Priority Is Your Privacy

We assure our dear users that TechnoBook respects your privacy, and we will use your information only for notifications like sending newsletters and improving services. Therefore, TechnoBook will support every information you provide for us. While signing up, editing profile or using the website, under no circumstances, any company or institution will access to your information.