On what operating systems we can use downloaded e-books?

Right now all books are available in PDF format. So, you can use them on most of the operating systems, but in the near feature, other popular formats will be available too.

Should we be online to read e-books?

No, you don’t need to be online to read e-books, but keep in mind you have to be online to receive /purchase e-books.

Should I use a browser to purchase e-books?

You need to go to the online bookstore to purchase e-books. Besides browser, this bookstore will be available through Android and iOS applications.

How can I use website discounts?

If you go to the website, under discount and using site guide, you can find details of discount conditions for special groups, such as libraries discounts, periodic discounts, and holidays discounts.

Do I should pay for downloading PDF software or previously purchased e-books at the next time?

No, downloading PDF software and previously purchased e-books are free.

Are audio-books available on this online bookstore?

No, since the focus is on Technobook (international engineering e-books) and need for availability of books text, books are available only in readable formats.

After purchasing and downloading e-books, would I access to my previous e-books again?

Yes, by purchasing an e-book once, you’ll have it on your cloud library forever. Even after you’ve completely deleted the e-book, you can download it again for free. In fact, you’ll have a personalized library on this website.

Can I have access to my library from other devices?

Yes, there is no limit on other devices. To access to your library, you need to log in to your Technobook account.

Is this application compatible with all android versions?

It is compatible with the versions 2.2 and up.

Is it possible to purchase an e-book again?

No, you don’t need to do it. By purchasing an e-book once, you’ll have it forever.

Is there any index for most favorite books?

Yes, they are available on the website toolbar.

Can I highlight the parts of e-book text or take a note there?

Yes, it’s possible to highlight and take a note on e-book text. Also, you can add a bookmark on a page.

Is it possible to search within the e-book?

Yes, you can search through the text of the e-book.

To review an e-book, do I have to go through every page?

No, you can either use the scroll on the bottom of the page or jump through e-book chapters and titles trough index.

How can I receive the e-books?

You can either purchase e-books or receive those which are free from bookstore list on the website. 

Is it possible to contact the publishers or the authors of the e-books?

We’d be glad if we can make this happen. To keep in touch with them, for the first time you can send your comments.

Which are the best e-books?

You choose the best e-books by rating them.

Does Technobook support just the English E-books?

Yes, although Technobook focus is on the international engineering e-books, it only supports English books.