Site guide and discounts

TechnoBook is a fairly complete and growing repository of engineering ebooks that represents ebooks in separate structured categories that are based on fields and trends, to the users. To find the ebook you’re looking for, first, you can use represented subject-based index on the site list. If you didn’t find it, you can use filtered search to find your desired ebook. TechnoBook website is publicly available but only registered users who have an account, can purchase ebooks (with site discount). In addition, users who at the time of purchasing enter their emails as the destination of receiving the file can purchase ebooks too. Regarding non-free ebooks, to complete users’ information about those ebooks, there are a few pages (arbitrarily) of that ebook available for free as a sample in the dedicated web pages, but to download the whole ebook, you have to purchase it. When you are online, you can download ebooks and add them to your personal library, then you can read them by offline. Purchased ebooks will remain in the archive of your own account.

Here, we’ll discuss discounts (the most attractive part for users, LOL), how to purchase ebooks. And finally, we’ll give you download links for the software products you need, to read downloaded ebooks from the website.

technobook discount

TecnoBook Discounts

In this section, we’ll fully explain how to use discounts at the time of purchasing ebooks from TechnoBook. You should know you can’t apply discounts on previously discounted ebooks :

A) Well-known specialists and scientists

Scientists with at least 100 citations of their papers, or specialists at international credible companies can get 90% off for ebooks on their respected fields by sending an E-mail to our colleagues at

B) Top College Students

Top college students can get 90% off for ebooks on their respected fields by sending a copy of the relevant certifications from their college to

C) Discount for People Sending Suggestions, and Reporting Bugs and Defects to TechnoBook

If you have suggestions that can improve TechnoBook function or you see any bug on the website, you can send them to Each constructive e-mail or influential suggestion will give you 50% off from 2 to 10 ebooks (based on the validity and effectiveness of the suggestion) for TechnoBook.

D) Periodic or Special Discounts

In special days or periods, TechnoBook team will announce public discounts that all the specialists can use it. In addition, specialists who are the members of internet technical forums can enjoy the discount on ebooks of a specific and relevant field to that forum. They can use this discount under predefined terms.

E) Discount for Special Books

Besides previous discounts, expert team of TechnobBok will offer discounts on specific ebooks or even will make them available for free based on the requirements of academic society.

How to Purchase ebooks?

In this section, we will discuss all the steps of purchasing ebooks from online bookstore. Although these steps are simple, they guide you to have a secure and fast purchase.

First Step: Finding your Desired EBook

You can find your desired ebook in online Tech bookstore by one of the following ways:

  1. Through search bar on the top of the website page.
  2. By the list of site resources available under the search bar that has categorized ebooks by their disciplines and their trends.
  3. By the filter that will be available after a search on the right side of the website.
  4. By choosing ebooks from sliders on different pages.

Second Step: Adding the Ebook to the Cart

After finding the ebook you are looking for, click on the “add to cart” button on the e-book cover, and do this for all the ebooks you want to purchase. At the end, by clicking on the cart icon that is available on the top of all pages, go to your cart page and complete your order.

Third Step: Checking Out the Order and the Cart

In this step, you’ll see your cart and you can manage and assess ebooks on your cart.

Fourth Step: Logging in to the Account or Creating an Account

If you have created an account before, click on the human head icon and insert your username (e-mail) and password. Otherwise, fill the corresponding form to create a new account.

Fifth Step: Choosing the Destination of E-mail Address to Send Download Link of the File

In this step, first you enter your e-mail address. Then, TechnoBook will send your e-book file to this address.

Sixth Step: Paying and Completing the Purchase

If all the information is correct, click on the final pay icon and enter the page of secure bank portal. After completing the information, pay the money. Finally, after doing it (based on the speed of the recipient bank to send payment information to the website for authentication), TechnoBook will send the ebook file to your e-mail address.

>>> If you have trouble in any of the previous steps, let us know in the contact section of the website.