Terms and Conditions

Fellow visitor, before, after and while you’re purchasing and using Technobook services, please consider the following points. Users’ signing in Technobook website means they know and accept the terms and conditions and how to use Technobook services. Note that order registration means user accepts all the terms and conditions of Technobook by the tick in the corresponding form. Users have to read the site guide before ticking and purchasing from the site. After purchasing, the responsibility of users’ unawareness will be on the users themselves.

TechnoBook and Users

User / Customer: There is only one boss, and that’s the customer! A customer is a person who has the membership of the website and directly uses the online bookstore services.

Seller: Here the seller is Technobook online bookstore. In this bookstore, we have included all the e-books by ourselves. The responsibility of conditions, quality and prices are on Technobook online bookstore. We definitely will support our customers even after purchase.

Communications: After purchasing from Technobook online bookstore, it will send an e-mail to your address. If necessary, we’ll only call you with the phone numbers on the “contact us” page of the Technobook website.

Personal Information: we can identify the persons by their emails. Right now the only personal information of the users in Technobook is their e-mail addresses, and we access them by creating an account, purchasing and receiving the newsletter.

TechnoBook Commitments

-Technobook has committed to interact with its users respectfully, support them and bring them a joyful and unforgettable experience of shopping.

-You can register your purchase 24/7.

-All the registered purchases in the Technobook website will get the processing and sending queue by sending order code and receipt through the e-mail. Technobook always does its best to send all the registered orders. If for any reasons, that was out of Technobook control, and sending the file was not possible, the user can cancel the order and ask for a refund or choose another e-book. If one or more of ordered e-books weren’t available and the rest of them were available, Technobook will send available e-books and it will repay the rest of the money.

-While ordering, users should complete their order form with correct and complete information. It’s obvious that if the provided information was incomplete or inaccurate, we can’t track and deliver the user’s order. Therefore, inserting an e-mail address by the customer means they have confirmed the email address and if the information was false or incomplete, Technobook can ask for more information from the customer to make sure of validity and certainty.

-To complete the purchase, the user should pay online on the secured bank portal. After the payment confirmation, Technobook will send the e-book to the user without any other fee.

-Although we will send the download link of the purchased e-book to the user, there isn’t shopping cost for any of Technobook products.

-Immediately after paying the fee and issuing the receipt, Technobook will send the e-books to the users (even on holidays).

-Before paying the bill and issuing the receipt, the user can use the discount coupon.

-If we have already discounted an e-book, discount coupons won’t apply on them anymore.

-Technobook has no responsibility on matters that are due to factors beyond its management scope (like internet problems, telecommunication issues, customer’s hardware issues, etc), however, Technobook does its best definitely on these matters, for the sake of customers’ satisfaction.

The Right to Complain and the Money-Back Guarantee: Technobook is obliged to send the file correctly and completely to the customer’s address. In case of the user’s dissatisfaction because of issues of the file that was sent by Technobook or contradiction with information on the website, the users can file a complaint until 3 days after the purchase. Technobook will unconditionally provide the right file in less than 24 hours or will return the money to the customer. In case there was a problem in the final processing of your card, the paid money with an identifiable transaction will be returned to the customer’s account in 24 to 72 hours.

-Privacy: Technobook commits to support users’ information and privacy as much as it has power. User’s privacy is very important to us. We use users’ information just to personalize our services to them. We support all the information you have provided at the time of signing up. Any other company or institution won’t access to users’ e-mail address. Technobook will send information about itself, its e-books and other notifications of the users through newsletters.

TechnoBook Supervision

Technobook can monitor the content of the services to be sure that users are following the rules of proper use. Technobook may remove or prevent from the publishing of users’ posts on the service, however, Technobook is not obliged to remove any posts that other users may consider objectionable. We won’t accept comments that contain each of the following contents:

  • Immoral language
  • Promotion in favor of or against specific individuals or legal entities
  • Contradiction with international conventions
  • Political subjects
  • Hate speech
  • Any links to other sites
  • Any comment that brings about collecting other users’ likes
  • Any contact information (phone number, e-mail and…), people’s usernames on different websites (like Telegram ID)
  • Chat request or invitation
  • Comments that aren’t relevant to the corresponding e-book